Prayer Ministry

The prayer team facilitates our telephone and email prayer chains, provides opportunities for prayer at all times, meets for corporate prayer, and is available to pray with anyone who seeks a prayer partner after worship service.

Mission statement: We want to help more people feel comfortable in praying out loud in a group. We would like others to experience the closeness to God that we feel as we pray for the needs of others and thank Him for His blessings as we pray and listen to others pray.

Team leader: Judy Pangborn

Worship Team

The mission of the worship team is to include different forms and acts of worship into Pathways’ services – either for special times/seasons, or every Sunday, and to encourage the exploration of what worshipping God entails within the Pathways community.

As the technical needs of worship increase, we will require a team of individuals who can ensure audio and visual excellence in our worship presentations. Weekly communion requires persons who can ensure that the elements are in place before worship and provide serving assistants for communion.

Team leader: Brenda Hartley

Welcoming Team

This team coordinates our welcoming and “get acquainted” services for newcomers to Pathways.

Are you a person who smiles easily and has the gift of making others feel at home? Do you see yourself assisting people in and out of cars, taking people up and down on the lift, passing out bulletins, greeting newcomers, writing welcome notes? If so, the Welcoming Team needs you.

Mission statement: The Welcoming Team’s mission is to show and express God’s love to one another through greeting and assisting people as they come to worship.

Team leader: Judy Oubre

Children’s Ministries

Our Children’s Ministry Team is responsible for Christian educational opportunities at Pathways for children from birth through sixth grade. We plan for Sunday school, Wee Steppers nursery care, summer classes and activities. Selecting curriculum and recruiting teachers are important parts of providing the best possible Christian experiences for children.

Mission statement: Pray to realize what God’s plan for us is in reaching more children, involve more adults and youth in work in Christian Education at Pathways and continue to develop leadership sharing

Tammy Almeter

Women’s Ministries

This team is designed to enhance the spiritual walk of women. It involves women’s mission, bible studies, Christian book club, retreats, fun excursions, support to church members, and support to special needs mothers and babies.

Team leader: Nancy Cerny

Men’s Ministries

To ensure spiritual development and involvement in the ministries of the church by men, this team develops spiritual growth opportunities for men, through small group studies and retreats.

Team leader: Ralph Lowe

Youth Ministries

This team will seek ways to minister to and nurture faith in our young people. Regular meetings, retreats and mission opportunities are designed to provide fellowship and opportunities for service.

Hospitality Team

This team provides fellowship services for Pathways. It seeks ways to create enduring Christian friends among those attending Pathways Fellowship.

Team leader: Karen Merriman


Pathways is committed to providing multiple mission opportunities to our local community, Western New York and beyond. We seek opportunities to help those in need in our immediate area and in Western New York on an as-needed basis, and by regularly participating in projects for Habitat for Humanity, FISH our local food bank and other service programs. In addition, Pathways coordinates and leads multiple mission trips throughout the year. Several of these are open to the community, regardless of religious affiliation. Others are organized as Pathways mission opportunities with at least one offering of an opportunity for families to work together.

Mission statement: The Mission Team’s mission is to show and express God’s love to one another serving people’s needs in our church family, people in the Route 16 corridor, and people in the Gulf Coast area damaged by Katrina hurricane.

Team leader: Jim Oubre


Administrative oversight and coordination of church activities are critical to the success of our outreach efforts. These persons serve with a variety of gifts. All in our fellowship are invited to participate on this team.

Mission and goals: Our mission is to direct the business side of the church and more importantly to empower others in their quest to serve our Lord within our Church structure. If anyone within our Church feels called to a ministry we invite them to come to our meeting and present their ideas so that we can be supportive of their ministry.

Team leader: Jim Oubre


Team leader: Peter Grogan. There are several mandated functions of the trustees. One of the major functions is to ensure that our facilities are adequate to meet our needs. A liaison to the South Wales Community Center board of directors is appointed by the trustees.


This group of spiritually mature, respected, committed Christians oversees activities of the church and is responsible for ensuring that we are fulfilling our mission. These individuals provide accountability oversight for the pastors and those who participate in the Pathways community. Ralph Lowe and Jane Vosseller