Pathways Christian Fellowship
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Our active missions program provides help and support within our Fellowship (see below) as well as in our outreach programs to our communities through the Rural Outreach Center (the ROC -

Pathways Christian Fellowship missions:

Health Ministries: We assess and address the health care needs of our church community.  We advocate, educate and link with community resources to help with a variety of health concerns.  Blood pressure screening is available once a month after Sunday service by health professionals within our church family.  Heather Milliron – (Trained Parish Nurse) 652-9123

Operation Christmas Children's Shoebox Campaign: Once a year the opportunity arrises to change children's lives around the world through simple shoeboxes filled with small gifts and love.  Over 200 shoeboxes are filled with toys, candy, school supplies, personal care items and gifts to be sent to children all over the world by the Samaritan's Purse organizationThis ministry allows children in many countries to be touched by Christ through our efforts.  Barb Lowe - 652-4530

Giving Tree Ministry: As a church we work with local schools and identify families who will have great difficulty providing basic Christmas gifts for their families. Families are provided with gifts including new clothing and gift cards for food. Over 50 gifts and gift cards generally are provided.

Thanksgiving Dinner for families: Complete Thanksgiving dinners are donated to  local families at Thanksgiving time. (In addition, monthly donations are made for selected intems for FISH of East Aurora.)

Women's mission: On the first Tuesday of each month women gather for fellowship and work on projects to help the Rural Outreach Center (the ROC).

Youth Mission trips: For a week during the summer  youth and adults repair and clean up homes and other structures while making connections with and listening to the stories of people in tour area. This local trip is designed to be an introduction to the mission experience for middle school and high school students and is a fantastic opportunity for your to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Church Mission Trips: The Pathways community makes annual weekly commitment to those in need in another area of the United States. From 2006-2012 a team traveled to the Gulf Coast to help rebuild after several hurricane disasters and since 2013 to assist with an orphanage in Georgia. This trip is scheduled during the February school break for high school students during the February Presidents holiday so these students and adults can learn to work and grow together in God's purposes.

Dig a well: This ministry focuses on the critical need for fresh drinking water and the positive effects a well can bring to communities in Liberia.This ministry also supports community education and workforce development projects.

For a listing of our broad outreach to our communities go to the website of the Rural Outreach Center (the ROC) -

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